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Welcome to Vitam

Vitam International is a leader in providing scientific proven feed additives and services in Sub-Sahara Africa. We make a significant contribution to the agricultural feed industry by supplying world class technology supported by highly qualified and skilled personnel with a global network of technical support. Read more…


True sustainability is about taking care of the environment and our people while being profitable. The fundamental success factor throughout any operation that directly impacts sustainability is efficiency. Vitam International believes in true sustainability through effective science.
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Research and News

Intestinal absorption of Fumonisin B1 and its derivates

Hydrolysis of FB1 into HFB1 is used as a potential strategy to protect animals from fumonisin toxicity. However, recent research of Cirlini et al. (2014) suggest that data regarding HFB1 toxicity are controversial and that further studies are still needed to understand the fate and toxicity of HFB1 compared to FB1.

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Newly discovered fusariotoxins

New strains of Fusarium graminearum have been isolated in 2010, and were thought not to produce any mycotoxin. In 2015, Varga et al. discovered that these strains, identified as 3-ADON producing genotypes, can produce novel mycotoxins, namely type A trichothecenes NX-2 and NX-3. The risk associated with these novel mycotoxins needs to be assessed.

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Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Here comes the sun, and it is again the time of year to think about how temperature and humidity can affect livestock production. This year, we focus on swine, with a brand new survey indicating the reality of heat stress at the farm level, as well as on beef cattle, whose growth is also affected by heat.

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Our Partners

With over 15 years of experience in the Southern African agricultural feed industry and the support of our international suppliers we supply world class feed additives, supported by highly qualified and skilled personnel with a worldwide network of technical support. This would not be possible without our global partners listed below.