Mycotoxin Binders

Mycotoxins in dairy farming
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The situation

Polycontamination More than 25% of harvested cereals are contaminated by different types of mycotoxins (Source: FAO). The main damage caused is a weakening of the immune system by polycontamination, which leads to lower zootechnical performance. All animal species are sensitive to mycotoxins, even at low levels.

The challenge

A wide adsorption spectrum The key to combatting mycotoxins in feed is to use a wide absorption spectrum, given the constantly evolving forms of mycotoxin contamination. A good binder must also be effective against mycotoxins such as deoxynivalenol and fumonisins, which are difficult to bind due to their size and shape.

The solution

The MMi.S mycotoxin binder. The MMi.S formula provides wide-spectrum adsorption. Its innovative microgranulated format facilitates mixing into feed and handling on the farm.