Silage Inoculants

Forage crops harvested for silage contain a natural population of “good” microorganisms that ensile the crop, and “bad” microorganisms such as harmful yeasts, molds and other bacteria that can cause poor fermentation and excessive dry matter, energy and nutrient losses. Because all silages are different, Lallemand Animal Nutrition offers premium ranges of crop-specific silage additives, developed and tested with leading agricultural institutions. Specifically selected bacteria strains are used to protect the population of “good” microbes. This has proven to achieve better dry matter and nutrient retention. Therefore, it ensures better quality, more palatable silages.

The range of world class specific inoculants for optimal silage quality include:

Can silage inoculants contribute to farm profitability?

Ensiled forages represent the largest part of the daily intake of most ruminants, and the quality of silage directly affects animal nutrition and well-being. The controlled microbial fermentation of forages helps to preserve their nutritive value all year round. Silage inoculants containing microorganisms and enzymes influence and enhance the fermentation process when making silage from corn, grass, legumes and more.

There are two critical points in silage management when trying to achieve optimal silage quality:

  1. At the time of ensiling, where the main objective is to achieve a rapid acidification for maximum recovery of nutrients and minimal dry matter losses.
  2. At feed out, where the challenge is to ensure good aerobic stability to minimize nutrient and dry matter losses through heating and limit the growth of spoilage microorganisms, such as yeasts and molds.

Depending on their characteristics, fresh forages present different challenges during ensiling and feedout:

  • Low dry matter, low sugar content or high protein forages are prone to slow acidification, which can result in protein degradation and feed value
  • High dry matter or sugar rich forages are prone to aerobic instability and spoilage.

Left uncontrolled, these challenges will have negative impacts on the economic value of the preserved feed and on animal performance and well-being.

Specific solutions for your Success in forage preservation

As an expert in microbial fermentation, Lallemand Animal Nutrition has developed a range of silage additives to address the specific challenges faced in each crop at ensiling. By choosing the right inoculant, silage producers can ensure optimal preservation of dry matter and the nutritive value of their silage crops from the field to feedout, optimizing performance and animal efficiency.

The range of world class specific inoculants for optimal silage quality include: